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Phamily Pharmacy

Located on the main floor of the Lawrence Heights Community Health Centre, Phamily™ Pharmacy is the newest addition to the health care team. The addition of a pharmacist will help provide another aspect of health care for the Lawrence Heights community. Though independently owned, our purpose is to provide exceptional pharmaceutical care for not only our patrons, but for the entire local community.

We will be working to provide complementary programs to the ones already provided by Lawrence Heights Community Health Centre. We plan to provide new innovative outreach programs to fulfill the pharmaceutical needs of the community.

About Us

Hello, my name is David Pham and I am the owner and pharmacist manager of Phamily Pharmacy. I am the second generation of pharmacists in my greater family (my father, 2 aunts, an uncle and 2 cousins are also pharmacists). I graduated from the University of Toronto, Faculty of Pharmacy in 1996. A year later I was given the responsibility of starting a new pharmacy in the Parkdale area. ...

In close proximity to large chains (Shoppers Drug Mart, Guardian Drugs and I.D.A. Pharmacy) as well as smaller independents, I based my practice on customer service. I placed the welfare of the customer as my top priority. I asked patients for what they needed and I tried to design certain solutions to help each person. To achieve this, I created personalized programs to help my patients with their medicinal problems. For example, one of my patients had difficulty seeing the labels on the medications and kept on mixing up her medications. I placed her on a weekly 7-Day Pack with special markings on the pack to allow her to take her medications properly.

Next, I decided to take my pharmaceutical expertise to the community. Each year I ran a free educational seminar at the Masaryk-Cowan Community Centre for the Parkdale residents. I held seminars on Hypercholesterolemia, Hypertension and Diabetes. At these seminars, free testings were performed. Dieticians, other specialists and I were available to answer any disease-related questions. It was an opportunity for the Parkdale Community to receive answers to their questions.

I also spoke (on medications) to a Parkdale Women’s group, participated as medication safety speaker for St. Christopher’s House (a housing complex for seniors) Senior Day and a guest pharmacist on oral health for the organization, Partners for Parkdale Health.

Most recently, I was the only community pharmacist asked to participate at the Seniors Information Day on October 19, 2005. This was a joint venture with St. Joseph’s Hospital, Toronto Health and West End Urban Alliance to provide total health care for the clients, especially Seniors, in the Western Toronto area.

I volunteered for these activities in hopes that I may help someone who needs it or to prevent unnecessary medication problems. In doing so, I have received personal thanks from event organizers, patients and strangers. I have also received written acknowledgements from the Partners for Parkdale Health and from Ward 14 City Counsillor, Chris Korwin-Kuczynski.

Now that I have my own pharmacy, I will bring my expertise to service the Lawrence Heights Community. I look forward to meeting all of you and I ask for an opportunity to serve as your Phamily pharmacist.

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Pharmaceutical Services

FREE Prescription Pick-up and delivery

If you are unable to come to our pharmacy, we will send a delivery person to pick up your prescription from home, fill the prescription and drop off the medication to your house at no charge.

Waving of $2 Co-payment Fee

We will waive (not collect) the $2 co-payment for seniors and persons on social assistance. There would be no charge for these client’s medications. Likewise for high-income seniors, we deduct $2 from their $6.11 fee, so high-income seniors will pay only $4.11 for each medication after the $100 deductible is paid.

The Phamily Compliance Program

If you are having trouble taking your medications, if you have a lot of medications or if you are forgetting when to take your medications, we have a variety of solutions available to help you take your medications properly. We can provide weekly blister packs (which are disposable packages pre-filled by the pharmacist each week and delivered to your home) and dossettes (which are also pre-filled by the pharmacist each week and delivered to your home) to better organize your medications for you. We can even work with your physician and/or care giver to organize weekly or daily dispensing of your medication. There is no additional charge for this service, however some dispensing fees may apply. Please call us if this program can help you.

The Phamily Medication Management Program

Patients can bring ALL of their medications (prescriptions, over-the-counter products, herbal products, etc.) into the pharmacy. Our pharmacist will then: dispose of expired or unused medications; explain what the medication is used for; identify and prevent unnecessary medication interactions and/or duplications. The pharmacist will then create a personalized Patient Profile for the patient. This Patient Profile can then be brought to the physician so he/she knows ALL the medications the patient is taking. Any changes can be physically written on the Patient Profile and brought back to the pharmacy for updating. In the case of an emergency, this Patient Profile can be brought to the emergency department to inform the emergency staff of ALL the medications the patient has taken to avoid any errors. There is no charge for this service.

The Phamily Cabinet Clean-Up Program

Similar to the Phamily Medication Management Program, our pharmacist will come to your home and organize your medications for you. We will remove all unused medications from your premises and create a personalized Patient Profile, which will be delivered the next day. This service is available to our customers at no charge.

Medication and Needle Disposal Program

Proper medication disposal is vital to prevent accidental ingestion from garbage litter and to prevent poisoning of our water supply. Unused or expired medications can be brought into our pharmacy for disposal. Used diabetic needles and lancets can be brought into our pharmacy for disposal (incineration). To protect our community, we want to ensure that all hazardous items are disposed of properly in order to keep our environment safe.

Educational Seminars

We will be hosting free educational seminars on various topics (Diabetes, Medication Safety, Hypertension, Hypercholesterolemia etc.) in the near future. Other topics can be organized upon request. Other topics are available upon request. Please email for a suggestion. If there are enough requests a seminar will be arranged, otherwise a pharmacist will contact you directly to arrange for a private meeting.

Senior $2 Co-Payment Applications

Low income seniors can find the $2 co-payment applications at our pharmacy. We can help seniors fill and file their applications. Seniors who send their applications by mail are generally approved in 2 or 3 months. We can fax their completed applications directly to the program branch for approval within 5 business days. Once again, there is no charge for this service. Please remember that we do not collect the $2 co-payment fee for seniors or patients on social assistance. In essence, the low income seniors will receive their medications free of charge.

Trillium Drug Applications

The Trillium Drug Program is run by the Ontario government for those individuals whose medication costs comprise a large proportion of their income. A detailed explanation as well as the application can be given at the pharmacy.

Non-Pharmaceutical Services




Our Store Hours

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 8:30 am to 8:30 pm
Wednesday 8:30 am to 6:00 pm
Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
Weekends and Holidays Closed


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12 Flemington Rd, North York, ON M6A 2N4

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By T.T.C.

  • Lawrence Ave. West Subway Station
  • Board bus 109 Ranee
  • Ask driver to announce 12 Flemington Road Stop

By Car

  • 401 to Allen Express Way South
  • Exit Lawrence Avenue (West)
  • Turn Right (North) on Blossomfield Drive
  • Turn Right (East) on Flemington Road.
  • We are located just over the bridge on the Left (North) side.

Free short term parking is available


  • Do I have to be a client of the Lawrence Heights Community Health Centre to receive my medications from your pharmacy?
    No, we welcome everyone to come visit us.

  • Do I have to be your client to ask you a question?
    No. Even if you receive your medications from another pharmacy, do not hesitate to call me and ask any questions you may have.

  • What medication plans do you take?
    We take all medication plans (eg. Assure, Maritime Life, Blue Cross, Seniors Plan, Social Assistance etc.)

  • What do I have to do to get my medications from your pharmacy?
    Just call us and give your name and address (with any drug coverage information) and the pharmacy from whom you are currently receiving your medications. We will call for a transfer (or call your doctor) for any repeats and deliver the medications to your home at no charge.

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